A Christmas Card to You

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last year we started the tradition of sending out a photo Christmas card. It was just our wedding photos and did the "Married Christmas." This year, I really wanted to do a Christmas photo shoot. Blanket included.

But then, I had a few stitches put in my face and lost half my eyebrow. Needless to say, I wasn't in the mood to be all cutesy and get my pictures taken with serious roots and half an eyebrow missing.

Cue, 2 1/2 weeks before Christmas and not having any Christmas cards. With a little self-timer and photo editing magic, we pulled it off.

The crazy cat lady in me bought a mistletoe headband for Lily to wear in hopes we could kiss under it. This is how that turned out...

gif maker

These were all the other rejected Christmas card entries.

This one made it in the finals.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!
 photo Krista-Signature.png

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  1. These are so cute! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!


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