4 Month Wedding Countdown!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How are we even at this point? That is all I keep thinking. I can still remember when I was telling people, "Oh, we have plenty of time." at a year and a half. And now we are at 4 months. 4 months people!!!

Here's what we have done...

-The date
-The place
-Guest list
-Engagement Pictures
-Hair accessories
-Bridesmaid dresses!
-hotel block
-Registry finished!
-Save the Dates
-DJ (shout out the fiance for his help in this :)
-Hair/Makeup...so excited for Kristen to do my hair and makeup!
-Flowers-finalized today!
-Wedding Shoes
-Bridal Shower attire
-Bachelorette Attire
-Wedding bands

And now for the list of to-do's....

-Invitations...attempting a DIY
-Accessories for wedding day
-Bridesmaid shoes
-Ceremony accessories..in progress
-Out of town bags..in progess
-Programs/Menu Cards..in progress
-Rehearsal Dinner Plans
-Bridesmaids Gifts..in progress
-Guest Book
-Marriage License
-Seating chart...want to start a preliminary one to get ahead :)
-Honeymoon attire...you know it!

So it looks as if we are pretty much on track...go us! I do have a 4 day weekend next week so I hope to start my invitations and finish hotel bag preparation. Obviously filling will be done at a later time.

The stress? It is coming in spurts. Mostly due to outside factors, not what isn't done. But I am trying to channel that to my healthy eating ;)


  1. Sounds like you have a great start, and as you know 4 month's will be here before you know it! I have just recently found information for my cousin to become ordained. I am excited to have such a HUGE family event. I think I should probably make a to-do list like you have, I have been so unorganized with all this planning.


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