About My Husband, The Birthday Boy

Friday, September 25, 2015

Just a little baby!
Today, that little baby has grown up to be 28 years old. That little baby is my dear husband and today is his birthday. To honor him, I would like to tell 5 things about my husband that you may not know.

1. He loves getting his picture taken.

He enjoys the art of posing and getting just the right angle to get the right picture. And only wants the best pictures documented. Lucky for him, I like to be the photographer.

2. He likes things neat and in order.
Brian grew up in a home where not one thing was out of place and a room that barely anyone sat in. He likes things neat, in their place. It works SO well with someone that grew up with the more knick knacks the better and whose bedroom door was closed when company came over because it was a disaster. But I love him in spite of this ;)

3. He loves his Lily baby

He spoils her so and she sometimes gets a hello before me when he walks in the door at night. I don't mind because I can already see our future daughters wrapped around his finger.

4. He loves basketball.
Like loves and could talk about it for days and days. He knows statistics about it, history about it and a bunch of other stuff that my eyes might glaze over at.

5. He's so good to me

I am truly lucky to be able to call him my husband. Even when he tests my patience and I test his, even when he tries to understand the emotional roller coaster of hormones, even when he turns the TV sound up so the neighbors can hear it. Through all of these, I love him.

Happy Birthday Husband!



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