Last August Friday!

Friday, August 31, 2012

First off, where did August go?! Linking up for Friday's Letters of course!

Dear Friday- I am not exactly the fondest person of you today. Mainly because it means a weekend of work and a night of closing. Much different than the last Friday I encountered. Makes me jealous of all the fun other people are having this weekend NOT working.

Dear fiance- Sept's on. I push you and you push me. We will be a great fitness team!

Dear Lily- What was with the shenanigans this morning? Knocking everything off the side of the bathtub was uncalled for as well as on the table. I think Brian must have given you crazy pills before he left for work just so I couldn't sleep in ;)

Dear Pretty Little Liars- I am not ashamed to declare my love for you. I mean I tweet pretty much every week. And I can't wait until October to see what is up with Toby! I think he found out the girls secret and wants to protect Spencer so he went on the inside to take down Mona. Yes, I might think too much into this.

Dear August- You have seriously been a whirlwind. New job and settling in a new town have made you fly by. We crossed something off our wedding to do this month and I even started on multiple other to dos on my list. More to come for September. There was a successful bachelorette party and can't wait for what September is going to bring!

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