Smelling the Roses at Thirty!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well hello everyone! I love finding new blogs and especially new fun link-ups. Today I stumbled upon the cute Lovely Little Things blog and the Smell the Roses series. Because let's face it we all need to smell the roses every once in awhile. I am just sorry I didn't find this sooner because some of the past tasks would have been so fun.
Lovely Little Things

The task for this week is...

Write yourself a letter to read 5 years from now.

After having written a letter to myself 5 years ago...I know I couldn't pass this up. It is basically a time capsule for myself that I will be opening or reading on August 6, 2017. And it goes a little something like this...

Dear Krista,

First off, this is you, now.
You better still be this hot. Just saying.

Well, you have made it to your 30th year. I hope you crossed off at least 3/4 of your 30 before 30 list(which right now is still in progress, so I guess I hope you also finished it.) So if all is done then you will have gotten married, bought a house, done some pole dancing ;) have another tattoo that you currently do not have and you enjoy your job...just to name a few. And if you haven't, then it might be time to break out the list and ask yourself why not. You should always remember to do what you truly want because you want to. Kids or no kids, never lose your passion for trying/doing things that make you happy. Even if others are skeptical and nay sayers. 

By now you should have a little nugget or maybe multiple, God willing and I am sure you are the best mom ever. If it is any indication of how much you love Lily and spoil her these days, it only goes to show how amazing you are with your own flesh and blood. Even Brian says your crazy cat lady skills will carry over into great mom skills.

Speaking of being a momma, how's it going hot momma? Because I know you have started to get the MILF thing going. Highlights, tanning, boobs. ya know, the works. No? Not there yet? No problem. It's your past self telling you to start today. Seriously, go. Even get a workout in, eat healthier. The simple things will help in the long run. 

Your closest friends are still there for you and Brian. (Yes, I am psychic actually) They still come and go in your gigantic house with many bedrooms (and I am also a dreamer) You still rely on them to pick you up even on your craziest days. I know this because your friends now are the friends that have stayed. Stuck with you through every crazy thing in your life and will continue to be there. If you have lost a few, maybe try to reach out. Never too late for a reunion and catch ups. 

You will have been married 4 years, together 11...yikes! You better have celebrated properly! And I know you two are living so happy and still having laughs. Because there is never a dull moment in your lives together. Just remember this time 5 years ago. You were planning a wedding, just learning about living together and  getting excited for your future. Remember this feeling and time. I say take a big vacation this year. Maybe as a family, maybe just the two of you. I know you two always spend, spend on little things and it's time to splurge on a big vacation. Think tropical, relaxing. Because you both need it. I just know this even 5 years from the past :)

It's just crazy thinking 5 years into the future. If I had done this 5 years ago, my letter would show just how much you can't predict anything. You are just on this ride wherever it takes you. Excited to see!

Make sure to head over to see Jessica's blog and start smelling the roses, definitely a fun time!

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  1. Aww thank you so much for linking up, girl :)
    Means so much!

    I love all your MILF references...cracked me up!



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