Friday's Letters

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Time for my Friday's Letters!

Dear 10 month Wedding Checklist- You are not going anywhere. Let's fix that shall we? Photographer, Videographer ASAP!

Dear engagement ring- I miss you. I know you will come back all shiny and pretty but my finger still feels naked! Missing you <3

Dear new job-I am getting the hang of you. I think we might get along just fine. Crazy how a change of scenery changes so many things. Let's see what is to come.

Dear Lily- Get ready for all the attention. Maybe it will help your attitude. Maybe not. Then we will just get you a cat tower. We will see. Spoiled princess.

Dear beast of a car- Why are your brakes squealing? I just had some pads put on you. I would really appreciate it if you waited a couple of months before I needed to spend a fortune on brakes. Thanks, much appreciated.

Dear Pinterest- Why do I always end up here when I could be doing so many more productive things? Oh, maybe this why....

ps. just learned this embedding feature...

 I will be doing so many DIYs for my wedding thanks to you. At least I hope so, stay tuned.

Dear blog- I can't wait until I can get back to my regular posts about my thoughts and life. Hopefully life will slow down after I get used to the new job, new place and many wedding activities. I really miss it all!

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