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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My love for Pinterest can't even be described in words. I pin away hoping my wedding will be as beautiful as all the pins I am finding or I will look as awesome for my wedding day as every pin in Getting my Fitness On. But let's be serious.

We all pin and rarely do anything with it. Guilty as charged. I have made one thing out of my pins. The breakfast crock pot casserole. And it wasn't that good. But all the rest of the 436? Not. A. One.

So I was definitely intrigued when I saw 20sb hosting a Pinterest Party. Basically, a challenge to make or do something on that you have pinned. Challenge accepted.

                                                                       Source: via Mashable on Pinterest

Lately, my hair has been all kinds of eh. I know I need some sort of deep conditioning treatment but it hasn't been in my budget to purchase a professional deep condition. Que in this pin I pinned a week or so ago.

                                                                            Source: via Krista on Pinterest

It is the egg yolk and olive oil recipe mask that you smooth over your hair and it can look this good. Yes and yes. I need to do something to fix this mess of a mop on top of my head.
 Here is how everything started...

Gross right? Here we go!

First, you need some eggs. Which I think I had some of....and apparently Bud Light too.

Then I separated the egg yolks just as it says.

 Then came the Olive oil (I only had extra virgin olive oil so that's what I used)

 This is the icky mixture after the cup of water and mixing. Doesn't look like anything but give it a try by scooping it on my hair over the tub. Then squeezed the excess and let sit for 15 minutes.

Excuse the goofy face. I think I was non too pleased with the result.

After playing with eggs, wasting olive oil and making a mess in the bathroom, the mixture DID NOT work. You can still the same frizz in my hair and it looks exactly the same as when I started. Just have a slight egg smell to my hair. Attractive. 

Maybe the regular olive oil would have been better. Or I didn't mix well. I just don't know. If you know what I did wrong because this has worked for you please let me know! Otherwise, I won't ever be wasting anymore eggs in my hair.

Now that I have that over with I am more inspired to complete more pins and I challenge you to the same! It's a weird sense of hey I pinned it and actually did something with it. Trust me.

Can't wait until I try my next pin!

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