Bachelorette for the Almost Mrs.!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well this past weekend, we spent a night out in honor of the beautiful bride to be, the soon Mrs. Greene!

First order of business- Pick up the bride in the bachelorette mobile :)
Got us a couple looks on the way to our destination. Took us a nice little ride down the Parkway to Atlantic City!

We arrived in AC, where else? And a nice calming stroll on the beach was just what the bride needed to relax. We also discussed how this was the first beach trip for the summer for the both of us. Yes, a week before summer ended we made it to the beach. Fully clothed but still counts. Check out the model bride.. could she be any prettier? Oh wait, yes on September 14th she will be the most beautiful :)

Went to dinner at Carmine's, which is a family style restaurant where we had penne vodka and chicken Parmesan, the bride's first time trying it's deliciousness. I think she approved.

Drinks at dinner for the bride! Her favorite of course, sangria!

Then it was time to doll ourselves up and start the night's festivities! Each girl received a nice little favor bag that was full of the hangover essentials and fun night out attire.

We played some games and had some laughs. Added some fun, little pieces to her wardrobe. I think the groom will approve of our selections ;)

Must have: pictures before we get all got crazy!

Then we just strolled around from bar to bar,parading the bride. Included some free drinks and a special request of a wedding cake shot!

The last 4 standing and Hooter's. It was such a fun night and I am so glad I was able to plan this for my best friend! I'm pretty positive she enjoyed herself!

Now the countdown is on....2 weeks!!

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