Weekend Update

Monday, October 24, 2016

I always love being able to write about my weekends. Whether it was doing nothing but sitting on the couch or being out and about it was a nice way to remember even the littlest moments.

It also helped me take more pictures as I felt some sort of pressure to show you even my Sunday coffee. 

This weekend was a birthday weekend celebrating this girl turning five. I can remember visiting her when she was oh so tiny. 

Oh and baby Moy got his first party favor meant just for him. How adorable! 

Stole some fall pics too 

And I wouldn't be the only one still reeling from The Walking Dead right?? I haven't been keeping up with the last few seasons very much but since Brian's a huge fan and I know the characters, I wanted to see who it would be. 

I also remembered why I don't like this show. Like seriously with Glenn's eyeball? And the bashing of the head approximately 15 times?

What did you think of it? How was your weekend? 

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