Sunday Social

Sunday, May 25, 2014

1. What is your favorite handbag you own?

One of my favorites is my Phillip Lim. The only designer I have ever owned and might ever own until we get enough saved for a house

2. 3 things you would buy right now if money was no object?

New wardrobe

3. Name a place you would go right now if given a plane ticket to anywhere?

Paris. Again and again.

4. What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned from blogging?

In order for something to really grow and prosper, you have to put in the work and effort. And the effort and love you give your blog shows  by your readers and level of engagement on your blog. Such as is life.

5. What is the most valuable life lesson you’ve learned from a friend?

After losing my mom, I really saw the true friends and friendships in my life. The ones that would always be there for me and still are.

Make sure to link up your Sunday Social posts. Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. I love the quote on Friendship. I completely agree that is does not matter how long you have known a person but who is their for you when you really need them. I agree blogging can be hard to get started with off the ground and it takes a lot of work and patience.

  2. I love everything about this. esp the quotes.

  3. Loved your post!! I want a new house and car, too.


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