New Relationship

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Since the purchase of my new computer, I am over the moon. But there comes that period of the first month where you are trying to learn every way to use it, handle it. Trying to blossom into that perfect relationship between blogger and computer. Much like a new relationship.

Awkward First Date
Turning on that computer for the first time and seeing that Welcome screen excites you. Gives you a rush. But then comes the awkward getting to know you stage. It's time to peel off layer by layer of this new computer, much like an onion.
If I just press this button what does it do? Well, I'm going to just go for it.
Can I swipe left for this? Or is right?
Will Krista change my settings?

Trust issues
More often than not, your new computer is an upgrade. This means new gadgets, new ways of going about things. You aren't sure about them. Do you trust this new computer to hold all the selfies you upload?

Can this new computer take you to new places like your other computer did? And every time you touch something, there seems to be a message that you can't do that or something else pops up.

Spending every second together
If you're like me, it took me awhile to get a new computer I could call my own. And when I was carrying that new box out of Best Buy, I felt like a million bucks. Then I unwrapped it's gorgeous chrome self and knew this was it.

You are hooked. It's yours. You need to personalize your desktop with the newest printable. Probably from Lisette. Forget about sleep that first night. You won't have it. The clock will hit midnight faster than you could imagine because you are too busy adding new "apps" to your Start page. Yes, that happens now.

Introducing it to the Family
Clearly, no problem here.

The husband however, will not touch it. He's loyal to his Mac. As if he's cheating on it.

Ok, back to playing around with my new computer...

And more importantly, what the heck is bullet protocol these days for lists? || or \\ or- or 1,2,3??
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  1. new computers are nice. what kind did you get? hope you enjoy it. I've been using my bros for what seems like 3 yrs now since mine has a messed up wifi cord or watever its called. His might as well be mine.

  2. Oh I love the feel of a new computer. I just got a MacBook Air for university and wow, I am in looooove. So many apps that are so beautiful. I still don't know how to use 99% of them completely efficiently but hey, all part of the learning process ;)

  3. I just took a job with Dell and feel like I'm cheating on Apple! Haha

  4. It's a Toshiba Satellite. As for Windows 8, I'm definitely getting used to it. I do like the start screen. I feel like it's an easier access for things.

  5. It's a Toshiba satellite and I'm loving it so far. It has touch screen, fancy fancy!

  6. I thought about the MacBook Air but since we have a an iMac, I figured this is Toshiba is a smaller, lighter option for less cost. I mainly use it for writing and social media. And I am so getting used to the touch screen part of this one. I swipe left and something pops up that shouldn't!

  7. Congrats on the new job! And yes, it seems once you go to Apple, you are a very loyal user. I'm ok with testing out the waters ;)

  8. Ah yes, I had a Toshiba for yearssss and it was good! Nothing fancy like the touch screen though! Jealous! Something about me + touch screen products don't mix too well...needless to say, I have several fights with my phone a day haha.


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