A Day Late and a Dollar Short Weekend Update

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Actually, multiple dollars short after my weekend. Which I am just finishing up today. A wonderful 4 day weekend that I desperately needed.

I didn't do any of the things I said I would. Nails, hair, massage but I did get a brand spankin' new laptop! We are working through getting to know each other as we speak.

Until then, here is a little peak into my weekend.

Friday night, I went to dinner with some friends I haven't seen in awhile. It was nice to catch up and see what was going on each other lives. The steak I ordered was actually delish.

Saturday I slept in and we made a quick trip into Princeton. Gorgeous day to do so. Then us crazies went to the 104.5 block party in Philly.

 I was lured with the promise of a margarita but it made me realize what concerts are like at 27. I don't want to be pushed around, I don't want weed blown in my face and I would rather not go to second base with a drunk 21 year old.

After we put ourselves into a deep sushi coma on a nice double date with my best friend and husband. And yes, I still wanted sushi the next day.

Sunday was laptop day! Spent about an hour going back and forth on a few different ones but landed on this beauty after all of that.

In my happy place

Monday was the boring day. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. Us introverts like time to recharge. But I did have the pleasure of having my blood drawn and hoo-hah looked at all before 10 a.m. That called for a serious Dunkin run of Cookie Dough Iced Coffee. It's a serious addiction.

Somebody get this girl a manicure

I then forced my husband to embrace all the greatness of Cinco de Mayo. It is one of the only holidays I can actually be given the day off so we would be celebrating. Fajitas, margaritas, Coronas for all!

Today, today is the day I am planning a moving notebook. What gets packed, when it gets packed and where it gets put. My past two moves were an absolute disaster and I am determined to have a much smoother move this time around. I'll give you a fill in of what my organization looks like in the coming weeks. Let's make sure it works first.

Every once in awhile you just need a recharge. Time to get your thoughts and actions back in order outside the stresses of work. This was the little break I needed and I feel ready for the coming months.

What do you do to recharge from work?
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