Remembering Mom on Mother's Day

Thursday, May 8, 2014

As we shuffle into our last days before  Mother's Day, some of us are not within the crowds at the mall. Or at the card wall waiting to pick out the perfect card. For some of us, this is one of the harder days, the days where our grief comes back. They day we remember how much we miss our moms.

But Mother's Day doesn't have to be a day without Mom. It can be a day you remember Mom even if she is shining down on us from Heaven. A day to honor her and the special relationship you shared. As I am coming up on my 6th Mother's Day without my Mom, here is what I do to help ease the grief.

Buy a Card
It might sound strange, but buying a card to remember your Mom helps. Pick out what you would buy your Mom. The right words that you might not be able to say to her but are thinking. Write to your mom every Mother's Day. Say what you are feeling that Mother's Day and just how much you miss her.

Do Something She Loved
If she loved gardening, go pick up a pot of flowers to plant. If she loved her Mother's Day brunch, invite the gang over and celebrate. If she had a favorite recipe, make it for everyone that is coming over. Share with everyone just how special it is. These will help you remember every year just how special

Pay It Forward with a Gift
Every year, I give a special donation in honor of Mother's Day. It's a charity my mom supported and it's something I can give back in honor of my mom. Even if you can't give her a gift physically, knowing that your gift can potentially help others is a gift she would love.

Honor All the Moms in Your Life
There are many women in your life that have been there for you. Whether it be as a mother figure, aunt or friends in your life (we are at that age, right?!). Reach out to them and wish all the lovely women in your life a Happy Mother's Day. To remind them just how special their role is. There are mother's all around you that you can honor, take that opportunity.

Mother's Day can be a hard time when dealing with the loss of your mother and every year after. I have dealt with it every year and I hope these help you honor your mother every year.

What do you do to honor your mother on Mother's Day?

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  1. This year I made her a DIY mani pedi in a mason jar that i found on pinterest. she loves doing her nails. or having her nails done. and I gave her other things that are her faves that i know she's gonna love. :D My mom i know will be a tad sad on mothers day b/c this is 2nd yr without hers but i hope this will at least cheer her up.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you keep your mother's memory alive by celebrating her on Mother's Day :)

  3. AW those sound great! I'm sure she loved it :)

  4. It will always be her day, even when I'm a mom :)


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