When your cat becomes more famous than you

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It happened a few weeks ago. Lily made her way to mainstream fame.

She might have let it go to her head....

You have to make an appointment to pet her

She goes crazy on the paparazzi

Her requests for sleeping quarters are diva like (needs a pillow) 

Her love for designer brands has increased 

She lives the grand kitty life.

She is always looking for the next big thing 

And that my friends, is another post about my cat.


  1. Hillarious. Your cat cracks me up! Such a personality :)

  2. Stopping by #Sitssharefest - this is super cute! Kudos for getting a Shutterfly shoutout!

  3. Hilarious! My cat acts like a diva all the time, and she has no good excuse for it. It's not like she's Facebook famous like your cutie pie!


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