Well, Hello October

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Very nice to see you on this high 70s of a day. Sun is shining, the windows are open and the scent of Autumn is flowing around the apartment. You will bring me a month of a week of no work and I know that will make us get along quite well.

And with this month of October upon us, it promptly brings images of pumpkins, apples and witches dancing in our heads. Oh, and apparently a nice laced expletive to the government on this fine, government shut down day. But back to the task of enjoying the start of fall and October. 

Here are a random mixture of my fall favorites

From left to right: 
Fall Staples:  Phillip Lim for Target Tote and Target Mossimo Vonnie Shootie Booties. Two new additions to my wardrobe that I know will be seen many times this fall.
Must Have: Scarves.net has every scarf you could ever want. You search by season, style, color, anything else. You will thank me if you love scarves as much as I do.
Decorating: Fall is always one of my favorite times of the year to decorate (aside from Christmas of course!). This year I get to add "M" to everything pumpkin and Halloween.
Fall Dates: Pumpkin picking, apple picking, leave throwing, corny picture posing.
Hocus Pocus: The obvious fall movie you have to watch on every channel during the month of October. No matter what age you are.

What are your fall/October favorites?
Does it upset you when people say they never saw Hocus Pocus? Because it does for me.


  1. Hi, Krista! I randomly found your blog & I love it! I think you might enjoy this link, even though I only need one reason why Hocus Pocus is the best!


  2. I used to loveeee Hocus Pocus! Can't wait to watch it this year. Loving your fall staples too!

  3. It's already been on lifetime.. And I may have watched it haha

  4. I am so glad you found me and showed me that. It has made my life and might make a future blog post ;)


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