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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

As bloggers we all have that cozy spot we retreat to to get our juices flowing to the keyboard. 

The place where inspiration comes and where we can really tap into our zone.

For some it's the comfort of a desk surrounded by order and for others it might be just pulling up the laptop in bed. I am the latter. 

I choose my spot on the corner of the couch. It's where I feel most comfortable writing and can really get involved in what I'm saying.

These spots we call our blog spaces, cozy corners, retreats or whatever your name for it, are an extension of us as bloggers. Sometimes without this go to spot we might not find the creativity we are looking for (hence this blog post;) 

Other times it might not matter if you pull up the bloggo app and type up a quick post on your iPhone. But no one can deny they love the comforts of "their blogging spot." 

As I sit here typing on my iPhone it just doesn't feel the same. You see, yesterday my dear laptop took a turn for the worst and will no longer be a part of my life. There were tears shed as I lost most of my wedding stuff. ( yes, I am aware I no longer need it for me but I had all kinds of wedding planning advice posts in mind for them) 

And gone is my comfy spot for blogging. The place I sit to get my blogging juices flowing. A new laptop is not in My future anytime soon due to my inability to be a saver (darn you, Homegoods) 

Now, I am more than blessed because we still have a gorgeous iMac that sits beautifully in our office corner. But I am still saddened by the loss of my place to blog. I can't sit Indian style on the couch with a blanket using that iMac. I can't pull it up in bed when I just want a cozy morning in. 


I will get over this. Just will take some getting used to calling this my blogging space now. So my posts might be far and few between as I get used to sitting in front of the computer in a stodgy desk chair. Or maybe you will just keep getting gems of blog posts like this one. 

So where is your blogging spot? Do you change it every so often? 

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