My Version of Halloween

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I have never been a huge lover of Halloween. Do I like it? Yes. Am I going to go over the top crazy about it? No. But it definitely makes a good holiday to decorate and a good holiday to have great times with friends. (Oh, it also helps if you have a friend who has a birthday on Halloween!)

But there poses a dilemma when you are married to a Halloween lover. And I mean, my husband loves the concept of coming up with the best costumes that will have people loving our lives. And if you follow my Instagram, I'd say he did a pretty great job this year.

May I present, our first year as Mr. and Mrs..... Halloween costume...

Sorry this ain't Atlanta so no tank top!

I could not keep that straight face.

I mean it was my kind of costume. I got to wear skinny jeans and boots, didn't have to worry about my nails or makeup too much. And still got to go out and say I dressed up.

You can see the mud a little!

Thanks for having a Halloween birthday!

And that my friends, is a successful Halloween.


  1. Clever costume idea! I don't really watch the walking dead, but while watching last night... it actually clicked for me! haha

  2. Love your costume idea! I don't watch The Walking Dead, but when you see the side by side pic of you two and the totally look the part!

  3. WOW you guys really look like them!!!


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