Stranded at the Drive-In

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I had one of the best weekends in awhile thanks to my wonderful husband. 

Friday night we had a relaxed evening. Let Lily demonstrate.

We FINALLY got to see Final Destination 5. Back story, we watched the marathon about a month ago on some channel of the Final Destinations. But it stopped at 4 and we knew we had seen 5 but could not remember it at all. So for the following weeks, we would check every channel to see if it was playing. 

Friday night we decided it was the night to finally find it. I checked Redbox, not out. Called 2 Wal-Marts, they said they had no stocks. Last resort? Order it on Demand on the computer and run it to the TV. So off we went to Wal-Mart for said cable...where we saw the glorious $5 movie bin. I reached in and pulled out the golden ticket (Final Destination) The universe let us watch Final Destination 5.

**These are the moments that make a marriage a marriage.

Are we a bunch of crazies? Most definitely. 

Saturday we took a day trip to Atlantic City. And let me just tell you, we hit the weather jackpot this weekend. It was gorgeous both days. 

Still can't believe I have a phone that takes these pictures

Miss America is in town at AC so there were beauty queens and crowns everywhere. I was sad I was missing mine. 

Inside Caesars

Afternoon Sangria for lunch

This was the craziness

 Marching on from AC we took a trip to the drive-in. Yes, I fulfilled my wish of the drive in when it was a 50 degree night. But I loved every part of it. 


 I am incredibly sad my weekend is over. And it makes it hard knowing the next one is 2 weeks away.

What were your fun weekend plans?

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