Wedding Wednesday: Let's Party!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When planning our wedding, the husband and I knew that we wanted our reception to have everybody on their feet. I am a dancing person. 30 second dance party anyone? And my husband loves for people to have a good time.

Picking our DJ was a delicate process. I searched multiple people. Some wouldn't give prices, others made it difficult to make an appointment. Well, the universe opened one night and our venue was holding a $10,000 wedding giveaway by Diverse Entertainment. Let's just say, we were sold after that night. They had so much energy and were exactly what we were looking for. 

The DJ was left in hubby's hands. We made an appointment I couldn't make due to my work schedule changing. So off he went, by himself to make a deal. And he did good. Signed on the dotted line and we were more than happy with our choice. All families, friends were up dancing at some point. And we had the best time!

* Many pictures to follow, I hope you enjoy!

First dance


Father DAughter

Mother Son 

Cake cutting

Yes, this happened. He loved it.

My warning: watch the dress. I was fully prepared for a face full of cake after I did it to his.
*When I went and ordered the cake I asked what filling wouldn't stain because
 I was 100% positive he would also do it.

 Like a true gentleman, he just fed me a whole piece of cake.

A smooch for being a good husband!

The party!

Last dance was "Don't Stop Believing" in honor of my mom.

We loved everything about our reception. The moments we took to just step back, going to the tables casually to say hi (no formal table pictures) and just having a good time with our family and friends, something we will always be able to remember about our wedding day.

Photo credit of Abella Studios


  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! I'm just in love with your dress--so pretty. And such a good husband for not smearing cake in your face :)

  2. It was so much fun, I wish I could afford another party like that one lol!

  3. So amazing!! It looks like such a fun wedding to be at!

  4. We definitely had a lot of fun and heard the same from our guests so mission accomplished!


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