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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 8 BlogtemberDiscuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

If you have followed along with me during Blogtember, you saw all about my ISTJ personality and the fact that talking about feelings is about as comfortable for me as a root canal. Hence le blog!

Blogging has given me that outlet. My feelings are free flowing when I sit down to the keyboard. So easy to express all the feelings and moments that make up my life. And on top of that, this platform developed into writing that people actually related to and enjoyed reading. It made me realize my writing lets other people relate to my experiences, love for wine and crazy cat lady.

This blog has made me feel like there is a bigger part of me waiting to be let out. It was a place for me to find my place when I felt like I didn't really have my own spot in this life. I was lost and it gave me a direction.
I have connected with quite a few bloggers and hope to have many more. It's become a passion and I have pride in what I write and expose to friends and family everyday. Who has the courage to say they post about what a mess their bedroom is?

And one of the the best parts? It's here forever (Ok, well maybe not forever. Who knows where this crazy world of blog platforms will go) but the point is, I can look back to this very day 2 years ago and see what I was feeling or thinking. I can see how far I've come or be enveloped with a special moment I was experiencing. Those are the best parts about this blog. 

Thanks little blog for giving me a passion.

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