A Moment with Mom

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 11 of Blogtember is simply a memory you'd love to relive.

Looking back to relive a moment, a memory. I of course, want to relive my engagement and wedding like a million times over. But today, I am thinking of my mom and one of the memories I had with her before she became an angel watching over me.

Her last Mother's Day with us 

Mom even knew the knee bent hand on thigh, photo pose.

It was the very last picture I have with her. She never liked getting pictures but this day she was so excited and giddy. You see, my sorority had a Mother's Day brunch ( the week before Mother's day) where we pinned our mothers with our Alpha Xi Delta letters. She had no idea this was what was happening but she couldn't have been happier. I got to share a very special sorority ceremony with her and really teach her the meaning of my sisterhood. The sisterhood that in the next year would keep me together.

She was so proud to have that pin and kept asking me when she could wear it, if she could just wear it out anywhere. The next day she called me saying how she wore it to work and was showing it to everyone. Every time she came to campus to see me at the house, she always asked if she could wear it. 

We spent time with my other sisters and their moms and really had a special day. We even painted a wooden picture frame together with the colors of double blue and gold, having a distinct moment of how alike we were when neither of us would make the decision of how exactly to do it. It was a day that reminded just how special our bond was. 

And then on actual Mother's Day, we spent the time working on her own mother's grave. We shopped for new plants and tools where we saw her favorite grand niece, Heather and her mom, Tammy. They truly got a special moment seeing their aunt on her last Mother's Day by coincidence. But it was decided then that they would come up for dinner. My mom and I then spent the next few hours at the grave, digging and planting. It still pains me to think of that day sometimes and how that the very next Mother's day I was at that same spot, at her grave. 

This moment and time was one that I will cherish forever and love that I always had these moments to share with my mom. 


  1. I'm so glad that you have those moments to remember with your mother. I'm sure it's been anything but easy losing her. Hugs.

  2. WOW This is a great post! I love that you were able to share such a great memory with her. I am sure she is very proud of you!!! TFJ Xi Love!

  3. I loved reading your post, I am so happy for you that your mom was able to share such a great moment with you and your sorority. I also wrote about my mom, it was a good day for this blogtember topic. Also loving your posts, I am just getting started blogging and am learning, your posts that I have read are awesome. I also love your Wedding Wednesdays.

  4. Thank you for reading! And welcome to blogging!

  5. Thank you, I hope so everyday. TFJ!

  6. Thank you, I definitely love looking back on all the moments with her, it makes the harder days a little easier :)


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