Things Will Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

Thursday, August 1, 2013

You know when you are in the last months of your wedding planning and you are running around with very little sanity left to make sure everything will be absolutely perfect and nothing will go wrong? You have scrutinized over every detail, every Pinterest craft and day of wedding plans to avoid any problem that could arise on your wedding day.

Well, my dearest wedding friends, I have some news.

No matter what you do, something is going to go wrong on your wedding day, big or small. It's just all about how you handle it and pretty much, accept it. But what I can also tell you is this...

It won't matter once you make it to this point. 

Top 5 things That Could go Wrong on Your Wedding Day
Spoiler: These did happen to me and I still married the man of my dreams

1|  You just might get the stomach flu a week before your wedding. This means the last few days, that were meant for finishing touches, are spent on the couch and those details (stapling the programs, menus for every place setting, etc.)won't be finished. But guess what? No one noticed they were missing. Your wedding party timeline might not go out well a week before so everyone is properly prepared with who, what, where, when. But guess what? Everyone showed up and for the most part, were on time. 

2|  Because of said stomach bug, you might lose 7 pounds and when you go to your last fitting 4 days before your wedding, you are wiggling around in the top of your dress and having serious concerns about the types of wardrobe malfunctions you could have on the biggest day of your life. So you have to carefully calculate how to gain back a few pounds. And not to mention that's the teeny size you will continue to compare yourself to for the rest of your life. Plus side: You look absolutely AMAZING in your wedding dress.

3|  Your florist could show up one bouquet short. Then say you never paid for said bouquet. 
And the flowers in your bouquets might have lilies that will never open until the day AFTER your wedding. But thanks to some pretty great bridesmaids, the missing bouquet will arrive just in time for pictures and all will say how great the flowers look even with the closed buds. Thanks, friends. 

4|  You could have a billion people step on your wedding train and even rip out an alteration. 
Thus, appears a hole in your wedding dress *Gasp* But it's all good. It's in the skirt, barely noticeable and if you have a  super talented bridesmaid that keeps you cool, she sews your dress right back up to mirror the alteration that was misplaced. 

Giving a pat on the head for her good deed

5|  It could rain on your wedding day when you are supposed to be having an outdoor ceremony and outdoor cocktail hour. 
From the time you start checking that 10 day forecast you watch how that chance of rain changes. You hope and pray it stays at 20% or goes down. As it increases daily, you have breakdowns about how unfair it is and how everything is ruined because it's going to rain.
But then you wake up on your wedding day, there's remnants of a tropical storm pouring down and it's suddenly ok and it doesn't matter, because it's your wedding day! 
And in a few short hours you will have a husband. 

Now, that's pretty cool.

Stay tuned for a must bring for rainy wedding day:not a brown rug

And there you have it, wedding planning friends. I survived all of that (and more) and managed to get myself a few good pictures and a pretty handsome husband. Of course, with a little wine added in. 

And in 5 years, when I have a little one and in the throes of my happy marriage with my little family, I won't focus on any of these, just that this day was so magical to have married my husband with all our friends and family around us to witness it. 

What wedding mishaps did you have? How did you handle them?


  1. I really loved this post! So often we focus on how perfect everything has to be instead of focusing on the amazing moment that the big day must hold (I'm not yet married, but I'm pretty sure it's the bomb diggity).

  2. First of all, your dress is gorgeous and you look beautiful! I can relate...we had rain on our wedding day too, and some other little things that didn't really go as planned, but you're right, as long as you don't let those little things get to you, no one else will even know anything didn't go as planned. What a great idea for a post! I might have to do something like this too, if you don't mind :)

  3. I had things go wrong on my wedding day, but at the point, I didn't even care. It got fixed with a solution and I was able to enjoy more dancing!

  4. Your dress was amazing!!

    Just came across your blog!

    I am now following! Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you!



  5. I always said I wouldn't be a detail obsessed bride and I wasn't...until a month to go! And being married i definitely pretty cool so far!

  6. Oh, absolutely you can steal! I think it really does help to read stories of what can go wrong and in the end, it was ok. Plus, it might help other brides prepare even more to avoid it hehe

  7. Yup, exactly! It was pretty much, oh well. I look good and I'm going to dance!

  8. Thank you, I loved it! And so glad to have you :)

  9. On our wedding day my flowers were pretty awful. I wish we would have just done them ourselves...but instead we met with a local lady and sat with her for 1.5 hours choosing specifics. Fast forward to the big day and they were completely different than what we picked out! I was pretty annoyed because I would have saved time and money doing them myself--plus they would have been exactly what I wanted. But that's true, everyone has something that went wrong on their big day, if flowers are the worst thing that happened that I'd say I'm pretty lucky. :)

  10. Oh my gosh I am so glad I found this. I had so many things go wrong that it is now comical. After 2 years haha! 1. I forgot my dress so my dad had to run to my apartment and go get it. 2. I forgot our marriage license. 3. I forgot some other paper work that the religious leaders needed. 4. I didn't have time to eat breakfast so I was so hungry and pretty miserable. By the time we got that all together our ceremony had to be postponed almost 3 hours and everyone was sitting there wondering where we were. It was such a mess. But, now we are married and incredibly happy and that is all that matters :)


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