Day of Rest

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My work schedule isn't like the average person's work schedule. I work some weekends and have off on weekdays. So my weekdays off, most people are at work and can't play with me. - Don't you hate all the TGIF crap when you know you work weekends?

Therefore, my days off usually consist of an apartment or wifely duty. This means grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, organizing...the list goes on and on. And if you recall my complaints about "coasting", it was just these days off that have come to make me quite crazy. It was the same day after day after day.

Well, today I broke that record and it felt pretty great. I didn't do one errand that wasn't for me and I didn't wash a dish or organize one thing in my apartment. And it felt pretty great.

I slept in until 10 and I am not ashamed. I had a very work driven weekend and it was nice to play a little catch up with my exhaustion.

 After my nice sleep, I had a very abnormally large cup of coffee that I definitely savored.Did some blog reading, watched some morning television and dragged myself into the shower at a time many people are sitting down to their lunch. - Things to do: 1. Drink coffee 2. Rest of the stuff 

It was then I made the decision to make a trip to do a hair refresher. My poor hair has been in need of some serious highlights and a spruce up of my new short do.' This whole short hair thing has been growing on me but I needed to give it one last try. Many foils later, I was refreshed with new highlights for fall and a freshened hair cut.

And then I might have made a stop to the dreadful place called Wal-Mart. I mean, we do need to eat so some food was necessary for a proper dinner. Well, I think the universe was yelling at me for ending my me day. Because let's just say I walked out of there with not a single thing even though I had shopped and had a cart full of stuff. (No I didn't steal!) I just find it a little crazy I have to wait in line longer than my actual shopping trip.

I was also able to squeeze in some time to do some fun editing for our honeymoon video! It is a fun side hobby that I like to do. OR pretend I am good at and I can't wait to be finished and share with all of you.

"A" helped end my night with the Pretty Little Liars finale. Yes, I love this show and was way too excited for #WorldWarA.  And my thoughts are... didn't we do the whole boyfriend is "A" thing before? I am just having a hard time convincing myself it is Ezra. 

So you take days of rest on your days off? What do you like to do?

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