Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, August 12, 2013

I always dislike writing about my weekends when I work. Mostly because, I'm a heap on the couch after my 8 hours shifts and that's where I stay.

And not that this weekend was much different, but I did get Friday off and got to work late on Saturday so I was able to grab a fun Friday night out with friends.

We ate, talked and had a few drinks. And me and the bestie might have squeezed in an Irish coffee to wake ourselves up without entering into the "not cool" zone.

Saturday I had the pleasure of sleeping in for a little bit then headed off to work. And then Sunday morning I headed back into work.

But I can't go without mentioning the best part of my weekend, the highlights of all highlights...


Even though I'll be out of date again in a few months

And bad blogger, non-iPhone user from before, that I am...I have not gotten into taking pictures of everything I do. Don't worry I'm sure I'll improve.

Sorry for the mundane weekend recap. Stay tuned for a better weekend next week :)

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