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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

This past weekend was a weekend for sure. It was relaxing and nice and everything a weekend should be.

Friday night, I had a girls night that involved a 31 Party and wine. Always a good time when there is wine involved.

Saturday I had the chance to sleep in. And sleep in did I. After a leisurely morning, I had a fun outing to Homegoods with my best friend. When best friends shop together, things can get dangerous. But I made out with a good haul. Some new dishes, storage baskets and some odds and ends for the kitchen.

I can organize if I have pretty things

Sunday the husband and I were busy bees. We started our morning off at IHop with some eggs and pancakes. And delicious as always. 

We then hit up the storage unit to pile more junk in to make room in our teeny apartment. We did a little bit of errands where I picked up some Sleep Serenity from Febreze.

I might have mentioned on here a time or two that I have trouble sleeping. I get waken up easily and can't stay asleep. So any new sleep things that come into the market, I try. Always good to give everything a try, you never know!

And then, something amazing happened. I decided to try my luck at being Susie homemaker and made some homemade wheat bread. 

It wasn't the best bread but it also wasn't too bad. Made my hopes not dwindle enough to try my hand at another loaf. Crust was a little rough and inside was a little too crumby but an easy fix I'm sure. 

And this weekend made it very hard to enjoy my Monday. Take me back!

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