Fun Saturday

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So we (sister and I) took a trip out to Lancaster yesterday. Unfortuantely, it was only a day visit due to said kitty Lily that couldn't be left overnight. 

But the time we were there was truly a fun time. They are some of the most fun and crazy people and it is always a good time. This time 'updating your status'was a theme. Yes, truly some fun. Also, got to meet baby Chase for the first time. Although I am a little nervous about tiny babies, I did hold him for a few minutes. SO precious and cute. Hopefully we can see them again sometime soon.

Today/ tomorrow is sister's bday. It's kind of a fine line since she is a leap year baby. Therefore, there is no actual day that she was born. Has always been a conundrum to me. But yes lunch and such shall ensue today to celebrate her birth. Another good weekend.

Next week at this time I will be in the Poconos with the boy:) and sig ep! should be a good time. 

until next time...

-When in doubt, be yourself- 

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