Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why is everyone always out of milk, bread and eggs whenever it snows?

Upon my adventure to the store today, I am faced with the madness of the impending snowstorm. As it happens I am out of milk at home. It's just one of those random days my milk is low. Low and behold, the shelf is quite empty.

Hence the question I have.

It's as if it is a psychological complex. When people hear snow=getting in the car and going to the store to get milk, bread and eggs. Everyone is in tune. 

Maybe it's the pancakes. People want pancakes when they are snowed in and you need milk, bread and eggs. Or even french toast. I was one of those heads out today but I just needed milk for cereal in the morning.

So why is everyone in a 25 mile radius at the store grabbing for the same three items? Feel free to offer suggestions or reasons.  And maybe take the advice of this nutrition blogger and be prepared with more substantial shopping lists before the next storm.

Here's to more pancakes in the morning!

-Snowflakes are kisses from heaven-

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