Just Me and My Jeep

Monday, June 15, 2015

You guys (or probably more appropriately, gals) I am officially a full mobile unit again. This girl has gotten herself some wheels. My requirements were a Jeep and a Jeep that drives.

And this weekend, I got to stretch my wheels and take a nice drive to Connecticut and shower my sweet big sister with some love and gifts. This girl is getting married soon!

There was just something so great about being able to drive my own car all that way. Even if my foot did hurt from doing actual driving. It felt nice to be behind the wheel again, coffee in the cup holders and the country music blaring on the radio.

My wheels also took me to my sister's on the way home from Connecticut to catch up and see my other cousins. Ate pizza, shared some laughs along with other things. 

And just to show you how long it has been since I've driven, Sunday was spent sleeping in until 9 and taking an hour nap at 1. Truly, a lazy Sunday. And it felt glorious.

PS. If you are wondering what Lily was up to all weekend, which who wouldn't, I can show you.

I like to be right in front of the TV

I am just so. tired.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Charlotte Marie WhiteheadJune 16, 2015 at 9:44 AM

    That Coffee looks Yummy lol! Very Cute Pictures and I love the layout! Thank you for Sharing!!

  2. Yay! Congrats on the new wheels!

  3. That's so exciting! I love your Jeep! :) Lily looks like she surely suffered without you this weekend! Haha!

  4. Oooh yay good choice with that Jeep!! I drive a Liberty and looooove it. Where were you in CT?? Congrats to your sister on getting married soon :)

  5. What a sweet and annoying kitty, the best kind of course! I want a jeep but I want a vintage one with wood panel siding! My boyfriend thinks this makes me crazy, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

  6. Oh pretty jeep! Congrats to your big!

  7. So exciting, I'm already thinking about my next car and have YEARS to go!

  8. Congrats on the new wheels!! What is your Starbucks drink of choice?

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  10. Ah you do?! I didn't want to even go any newer because I am not a fan of the Patriot and the Cherokee was a touch out of budget haha. I went to Southbury, CT, outside of Danbury...I think?? haha

  11. Ugh I know, right?! She loves being with her Daddy for sure, she gets spoiled.

  12. Thank you! I like to try new things actually since I am more of a regular Dunkin girl. Starbucks is my treat. This was the cinnamon chai latte. Not too bad but might try something else next time. What do you prefer?

  13. The new Cherokees look so weird (especially the lights). I want them to bring back the Liberty so badly!! Nice, I know where Sudbury is. We are headed back up there this weekend and will be in the Hartford area.

  14. I WISH we had DD here, I've never even tried it! At Starbucks I usually do an iced caramel macchiato, or just an iced americano with caramel sauce and coconut milk... or if it's winter time I'm a sucker for the peppermint white mocha. Christmas in a cup!

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