Friday's Letters to Backthatazzup

Friday, March 22, 2013


Welcome to my Friday's Letters! For all the newbies, this is a link-up I've been doing for almost  a year now. I link up with Ashley from The Sweet Season.

Dear New Blog Friends-Welcome to my little speck of the internet. I really am so happy you are here and stick around. If only to look at pictures like this

She's such a lady!

Dear Lily- Down another pound! So proud. Now lets get some more stair exercises in before we hit the warmer weather. Then maybe that pose won't look so offensive.

Dear Spring- Did you get lost? Your GPS seemed to work fine last year. I mean you were here by about March 8th. But this year we are at the 22nd and we have snow in the forecast.

Dear wedding invitations- Please address yourself.

Dear hairdresser-You were not up to pare yesterday. Coming home with a strand longer than one side, not ideal. And not putting me under the dryer with the my foil highlights? Not your best idea.

Dear cheeseburger-You. Me. Thursday.

Dear #backthatazzup- I already love this link up. I reminisced about 20 songs before choosing the best of the best. Obviously.


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