The Time We Won a Free Honeymoon

Monday, March 18, 2013

SO this weekend...was a plain, relaxing weekend. And now I will give you my good, bad, ugly.

And I will do it backwards. I know it's not written that way but I love breaking rules ;)

The Ugly- Saturday morning I woke up at 9:00. On a weekend. Not cool. I then proceeded to clean  A TON. Granted, things are more organized now and there is less build up of junk but it's still not fun. Am I right?

The bad- We had very low key St. Patrick's Day festivities this year. We went to our local watering hole and spent way more than our budget should allow on festive drinks. 

And are you ready for The Good?!

If you read my 100 Days to go post, then you must know allll about the contest we were participating in to win fun wedding things. Our wedding DJ was holding this contest on Facebook and we annoyed asked our friends, family and you wonderful people to vote for us. Each vote correlated to a raffle ticket that you would be given the day of the show.

** There was the chance to win multiple prizes that included DJ, Photo, Photo Booth, Video and Honeymoon**

Yesterday was the big day and  thanks to our wonderful friends, family and all of you...we had a total of 137 tickets!!Seriously, you guys are AMAZING!

And we were fortunate enough to win not one, but TWO prizes. 

--A photography package
(which we unfortunately had to give back because we already have another photographer and was non-transferable)


Here's a quick recap:

Two prizes had already been we really wanted (DJ package to reimburse us.) Now they were giving away the photography package. They called the number and we scoured our tickets and found the one! We were excited to win not thinking "Oh we already have a photographer" We then discussed what are we going to do with. Dilemma. Turn it in? Try to reimburse it?

As we were doing this, the contest was continuing. Photo booth gone and now on to the final prize, the honeymoon. They reminded that we weren't allowed to win twice. And then they called OUR number. I waved my hand and was bummed. Because we couldn't win again and the first one we didn't really need. And that's exactly what they told us, "Ohh you already won sorry."

As Brian tried to console me, I vaguely heard "..and the couple in the back too." And the table next to us turned and said, "You guys won!" We HAD NO IDEA.

Ensue the "What?!" "We did?!" They had decided to give us another prize because they felt bad turning us down. Ummm....thank youuuu!!!

We have the choice between Cancun, a cruise to the Bahamas and Vegas. 

Now, this means I am giving up my dream honeymoon to Hawaii...but 1. this option is FREE and 2. the fiance promised our 1 year anniversary trip to Hawaii instead. See, now it's written, it has to be upheld ;)

We are leaning towards Cancun but what are all of your thoughts? Which ones have you been on? Which ones are best for a honeymoon?

And of course thank you to everyone that helped us out!!


  1. Cancun!!
    I have reasons:
    Have you ever been to Vegas? Vegas is awesome, but the first trip to Vegas is really disorienting, it's just completely different from anywhere else. And Vegas can be cheap to go to, so I'd pass.
    Bahamas would be GREAT! But I'm anti cruise because cruise ships always drop you in the biggest tourist traps of any country, and that totally is a bust on exploring new places.
    And finallllly, I've been to Cozumel, which is a short jaunt from Cancun, and loved it!! Great weather, people, food, great ocean water, just lovely.
    No matter what, free honeymoon? Yes please!! Haha!

  2. Umm free honeymoon?? That's awesome! Congrats :) And I bet Hawaii will be even better as a one-year anniversary trip.

  3. My vote is CANCUN, hands down (and not because we're going there!) Here's why:

    1. You can have a nice time in Vegas whether it's all expenses paid or not. It's not going to be "luxury" enough that it's worth spending your honeymoon there. Plus, it's not relaxing at all - everything is so crazy!

    2. The Bahamas is nice, but even the really ritzy resorts (like Atlantis) attract trashy people. We're talking, overweight men with hairy chests and gold chains who drink all day long and are loud and obnoxious. Plus, like Mallory said, there are a tons of tourist traps on cruises.

    So obviously, I'd say Cancun! Do you know which resort it was? Make sure you look everything up on to see what people say!

    CONGRATS, girl!! :) I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to read about it!

  4. I laughed at your "ugly" ... if I slept until 9:00... that would be my "good!" :) Congratulations on the honeymoon... definitely, Cancun.


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