You are Imperfectly, Perfect

Thursday, March 14, 2013

You ever get that feeling you are always doing something wrong? As if what you do is never right. It's usually a kind day you have but hopefully not a month.

Well, I have decided that it is crap. There is nothing or anyone that should make you feel that way. Make you feel as if what you are doing is the absolute wrong thing. So if it is, let's stop it. Women have a much easier time being let down and giving in to defeat when people come at us with our faults. But guess what? 
No one is perfect. 

When people point out our faults, don't hang your head and think ,"yea, he/she is right. I suck at (whatever it is). or "Yea, I really do need to change that." Don't let them make you think there is something wrong with you or a part of you is missing because of what they see through their own eyes as faults. Stand up, look at them and say "Yea, I might not know how to do this and that but that's ok. I'm working on it." or "That just isn't who I am and I am OK with that."

What you also need to remember is that person the one throwing your faults in your face, has just as many as you do. And they just want to tear you down with yours and make themselves feel better and superior to you. Don't let them gain that advantage. Don't let them take away your happy. You deserve every minute, every second of that happiness. And I think that's something we all need to remember.

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