Because We're Getting Married....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A look into our lives as soon to be married beings.


....This is our pantry. Because a real one is out of budget at the moment.

....We also use it as a bookshelf. See above reason.

....Our savings/banking accounts are sad, sad, beings.

....Our spare bedroom mess due to DIY and wedding supplies. Yes, I can barely get into that closet.

....8 out of 10 dreams we have is wedding related or wedding nightmare related. No marriage license anyone? Or one of our friends not showing up?

....A full size bed is what we sleep on until we can afford a whole new bedroom set. How is this possible? It's not. Fiance takes up the whole thing on his own. First purchase as married couple for sure!

....Our idea of a hangout is the local bar five minutes away or any friends house within 20 minutes. It takes its toll, people.

....I bought this face cream for $60. Hey, it minimizes pores. And my skin needs all the help it can get. Helloooo stress face.

....Every time we break something in the kitchen or realize we need something for the bathroom, I say," Let's wait a bit." Ahh, the magic registry.

....This tv still exists in our household. And we do not have a better bedroom set.

Bonus points if you can name that Friends episode.

....They honeymoon is looking better and better everyday.

....We are the luckiest people in the world <3

I am also guest posting over at Classy Living today about long distance relationships...which I might say I might know something about ;) You should definitely check it out! 


  1. We have a queen size bed and hubs sleeps in the middle. Can't wit till we can afford a king size.

    Fellow Jersey gal! Saw your post on classy living. New follower. :)

  2. The rooms at my house looked exactly the same before my wedding. Complete disasters!! I can totally relate. Good luck!


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