The Bad Days Make the Good Days Better

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Have you ever tried struggled to find the positive in certain days? We all have those bad days, those pit party days. And I fully believe we need and deserve each and every one of them.

As I was writing up a comment the other day I found myself writing these words.

"If you don't have the bad days, you can't be thankful for the good days."

Did I come up with that on my own? Absolutely.

*The truth is I'm sure I actually read it somewhere before and it stuck in the back of my head and I now claim it as my own

I have had my fair share of bad days. The baddest of bad days.

I watched my dad leave. I watched my mom die. Heavy stuff people.

It amazes me sometimes how I ever got through. Got past. And I always remember that no matter what, I always had a smile on my face day after day. I know that because people always said how I was always smiling or I was called smiley.

It was that smile that told people I was ok. It was the smile that helped me feel ok. 

It was also the smile that was remembering those bad days, and knowing that this particular day, wasn't so bad. I knew that it could be worse. It became my motto.

Yea, this sucks. But it could be worse. 

It also gives me a whole different perspective on what a 'bad' is.

Those days like these? I know it's a hard day I will look back on and now it was the best that I moved here. We will have our little family and be building our life and I will appreciate that good day that much more. Because I have made that sacrifice and moved in with the mister

I remember when me and Brian were long distance for 3 years. And how truly awful that was at times. Those were the bad days. And I am thankful that now we are together at the end of our bad days. It makes it much easier to get through the little fights we might have from time to time.

It's a whole different perspective than a couple that always saw each other very frequently and then moved in. Not saying it's better or worse but we are so much more appreciative of our sans distance from each other. And maybe that's why we endure the cramped space of a full size bed.

The days it was hard to lift my head after my mom passed away...bad days. Made the days I was laughing again and truly enjoying my time good days, I was thankful for those days.

Someone who hasn't experienced grief might not say the little laughs and the little smiles aren't significant. Those might not be good days. But those were the good days after my mom passed away.

And even the days I am able to think of my mom and smile instead of crying...thankful for those days because of how long it took to get that place in my grief. The days when the ache in my hurt seemed like it couldn't get any bigger.

To everyone else, it's another day. But to me it's a big step in my grief. And it's a good day. A really good day.

When I have days where I ache for my best friends...makes me remember how lucky I am to have those special in my life to miss so much. It makes our reunions that much more special.

So when basing your days on bad days, it's easier to spot a good day coming at you. And remembering that it really is a good day. Because you have been on the other side, with the bad days.

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  1. completely agree with you , Krista. Sorry to hear about your mother :( May her soul rest in peace.


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