What I Could Buy if I Didn't Have Student Loans

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Because I like to make myself more depressed about the amount I shell out every month for my student loans (maybe you too) I present to you,

Everything I could buy with those hefty student loan payments.

8 Things I could Buy with a Student Loan Payment

1. Xbox One Games. I need to get my fitness on and husband needs to get his Batman on.
2. California to see the bestest friend who I miss so. And escape this polar vortex we are stuck in.
3. Michael Kors purple tote bag Just drooling over this bag
4. iPad Air to be like all the cool kids. And have a semi computer I do not have to share.
5. Our house 
6. Expensive, pampering spa day. Robes and all.
7. New car. More specifically a Kia sportage. Come to momma
8.Bellami Hair Extensions. I want my long hair back wahhh. 
Seen here on the always lovely Emily Gemma

 Moral of the story? Figure out a way to graduate with no student loans. Please, please, please.



  1. Girl, don't I know it! Student loans are for the birds. :/ I'm so over driving my old car... I want a shiny new one with bluetooth so I can play my iPod while I drive. *dreamy sigh* and one that gets warm before I get to my destination. :(

  2. I hear you on this! I hate shelling out all that money every month for student loans. My husband and I always say, imagine what we could do if we didn't have to pay our student loans every month....some day!

  3. Doesn't it just kill you? My student loans will be the death of me...

  4. My friend just bought a brand new car with all those things and I'm in awe every time I ride in it. I'm just like, "Oh, well my car actually starts every morning. So that's my win."

  5. I hate that it tells you on every bill the expected pay off date. It's reminding you the doom isn't over for another 10 years at least. Thanks for that.

  6. Every month when I pay them, I pretty much cry and keep looking at the pay off date....

  7. I am with ya girl! I may have to write a post like this.

  8. It's one of those things, where you know it's torture but you just can't resist.


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