Winter Cara Box

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another 3 months, another Cara Box down. I have really loved doing these Cara Boxes that the lovely Kaitlyn at Wifessionals cooked up. It has shown me a whole new world of bloggers and people. I'm married, most aren't. I love cats, some do. But there is always something about connecting with other people for 3 months.

This month I was paired with Rachel from Sunshine and Sinatra and she was quite possibly the cutest partner I've had. Meaning, college girl like myself 10 years ago, full of life and spunk. Plus, she loves paegents and always posts the most artsy Instagram pictures.

I tried my best to put together a Cara Box as cute as her and I was able to find a piece on Etsy that I knew she would love. A vintage Atlantic City Miss America ticket.

My other Cara Box partner was Courtney from Business Suits & Riding Boots. She is a true north Jersey gril that lives just shy of NY and works a fabulous job in Manhattan. Oh, she fancy.  Her and her mister are just about where me and Brian were when we became a little bit more than bf/gf...hint, hint. Does that make me sound creepy? Oops. 
Her puppy is the absolute cutest and as she is just taking off in blog land, it was great to get to know her and you should too!

Courtney put together a great box that really showed she got to know me.

Ignore the drowning teddy bear.

 Mary Kay Mascara-I wrote this was my favorite anddd she bought it for me.

Food Network Magazine-As a newlywed, I definitely need recipes to up my creativity in the kitchen. So this was perfect.

Dunkin Donuts-I run on Dunkin coffee and tea. So this makes me function.

Picture Frame- Newlyweds need all the frames they can get to display their wedding pictures. Pretty much perfect.

Snickers/Chocolate Chips-Snickers are half way gone. Oops. And chocolate chips are always a great treat.

Cat toys- The purple one was stolen. Obviously, it is loved.

Stole it right from the picture. No time was wasted.

Oh, and Lily also enjoyed the box. Thanks, Courtney for the amazing Cara Box!


  1. I love cara boxes!! Such a fun thing to do... I took a break for awhile but hope to do another one soon! :)

  2. I'm so glad you loved it all!! You displayed it so nicely in your picture! Haha!! I'm glad Lily liked her toys she is too cute! Can't wait to keep in touch!

  3. I love doing them to get to know other people, so fun!

  4. Well, I try ;) And she loves her feathers for sure!


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