Loving the Love in Your Life this Valentine's Day

Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine’s Day. It’s coming.  

Honestly, I love Valentine's Day. The concept of red, pink, white, hearts and love, it all excites me. It always has and always will. It never changed from when I spent my Valentine’s Day with friends and now, with my husband

Now that I am married, I’m blessed that I have a forever Valentine. But I will never forget who my first Valentines were. The people that truly teach you about love. Your family and friends. I have honestly never understood the people that get sad and depressed on themselves during this holiday. They call it Singles Awareness Day and say it reminds them they are alone. What happened to loving yourself first? Or just focusing on all the love that is already in your life? Because I guarantee you all have love around you.

Some of my favorite memories of Valentine’s Day were my mom always made us Valentine's Day baskets to celebrate the day of Love. Candy, little gifts, you name it just to shower love to us as daughters. It was one of the biggest things I missed after she was gone. We also always made Valentine's Day cards for aunts, uncles and cousins because families are filled with love. Send a card, flowers to those people that give you unconditional love everyday. 

There are friends that have helped you move, listened to your troubles and done the craziest things with you. I spent my single Valentine’s Days with my friends at basketball games or out to dinner. Give them a shout out and thank them for the friendship of love that they provide you.

When February 14th rolls around, I always look around at all the love in my life. One of my favorite things to do on Valentine's Day is to send out Valentine's cards to my friends and family. It's my version of grown up valentines that you used to shove in bags or small mailboxes. Who says they have to stop when you become a certain age? This year, I went the route of Shutterfly . Same cost as a paper card, but a little more personalized. 

On top of all this love, you have the love for yourself. I refused to let myself be down for the fact I didn’t have a guy in my life. I knew if it was meant to be it would happen. And even today, I love my husband but I know I have to continue to love myself and have a little treat. So get a massage, mani/pedi because you are pretty awesome with or without someone else and I’m a pretty awesome wife and might just do the same.

This Valentine's Day, start the tradition to love the love that's already in your life instead of focusing on a love you think you are missing. And yes, this even includes any special furry friends in your life.


  1. So cute! I love Valentine's Day too.... we don't normally do anything too huge, but I love any excuse to celebrate love.

  2. Love it, so true we need to love ourselves first!

  3. It always grinds my gears when people complain about Valentine's day, just embrace love everywhere!

  4. It's such a great day to love on your friends, family, yourself and if you are lucky, a significant other. I hate the haters haha


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