Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, February 3, 2014

We definitely had some weekend shenanigans around these parts this weekend.

It was Chinese New Year so we had some festivities to take part in this weekend. It was especially fun since it was our first one as married couple. Friday night, we went to the in-laws for some New Year's dinner. Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures. Blogger fail. But we munched on traditional Chinese cuisine of long noodles, chicken, sticky rice and had some Chinese treats.

Saturday was the day we gathered with the extended family.As soon as we walked in the door, we were met with the younger cousins all ready for their red envelopes!

As I said, it is special when it is your first year handing out the red envelopes.

Then, it was time for one of the younger cousins, basketball games. He had the whole family cheering him on as he made 2 baskets, a few assists and a couple of rebounds. Definitely, a fun moment we shared.

After that, we made the trip to Chinatown in Philly to celebrate an uncle's birthday. And here is where the truly priceless family moment is created. We had gone through a couple of dishes, had a few drinks when a fireman comes running yelling, "Everyone out! Gas leak! Get out now!" Cue 31 people rushing towards a very small staircase trying to get out.

Turns out, the gas leak was only a few houses down, convenient next to the parking garage where our car was parked. So we walked a couple blocks just to be safe. Took refuge in a condo building where 2 cousins used to live. And snapped a pic so we would never forget this special family moment.

I'm telling ya, you can't make these things up and make the best memories.

And because I just think she's absolutely amazing, you must watch Carrie Underwood sing a medley of her own songs. Oh, and those legs.


  1. I'm loving your new design! :) It's so clean and fresh! Also... fabulous new name! It sounds like you had a great time celebrating this weekend! :))

  2. Thank you! I absolutely LOVE it. It is so nice to have a nice fresh place to blog now. Definitely inspires me more. And we had a great weekend!


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