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Sunday, February 2, 2014

1. 4 Favorite Bands You Loved in High School

Get ready for this...
Just at one of my 3 Good Charlotte Concerts

-Good Charlotte
-New Found Glory
-Gretchen Wilson
-Kelly Clarkson

2.4 Go To Meals You Would Love to Know How to Cook or an Cook Really Well

-Sushi..Must know how to make
-Grown up Mac & Cheese..Someone teach me
-Chicken Lo Mein..Proud to say I can make this from scratch
-Chili..easy go to

3. 4 Necessities for Your Daily Life

-Lily..Who else would I take pictures of?

4. 4 Makeup necessities You Have to Have on if You can Only Have 4.

-Blush ...This girl is in desperate need of some color so without it I resemble a ghost

5. 4 Favorite Apps on Your iPhone


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