Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Right smack in the middle of the mushiest week  you have another mushy, lovey, dovery post featured right here. It happens every year so you'll get used to it.

The Mr. and me are officially 8 years old today!
 I know we have a new anniversary to celebrate now, but if this day didn't happen there wouldn't be any of the rest of the best days.

Were we babies or what?

So happy 8 Mr.!

Thanks for asking me to be your girlfriend after a few drinks ;) And being such a great patient that night. I never thought I would be one of "those girls" who met her future husband in college, but here we are. You got me, aren't you just the luckiest?!

Or maybe it's me that's the luckiest. We were barely freshmen, barely beginning our college career when you hooked me in with your guitar playing and jeans and flip flops. Here's to those little babies and many more!

 Love you always and forever.

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