I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today's post was supposed to be something super serious(said in that "serious" voice) but I saw this floating around and thought, this is much more fun.

Bonus? I got to find Holly at Hey, Hollywood and she seems pretty legit. As in I will now follow her blog forever and ever.

Enough of my rambling, let's get this show on the road.

I'm the Kinda Girl Who..

-Still cracks up at Friends episodes even though I've seen them way too many times

-Talks to my cat like she will answer me back. Which is why I am a definite cat lady. I personally think, the jury is still out on the crazy part but who knows.

-Hates doing dishes and will never live without a dishwasher again.

-Says I don't care what people think but yea, I actually do.

-Apparently, has some anxiety issues? To the tune of I feel like my throat is closing up and have to tell myself to breathe through my nose to ensure myself I am in fact, not suffocating. Which is also why I need to know everything about any and all plans. Just to be properly prepared.

-Will always have big dreams and be a dreamer. You gotta climb towards something right?

-Is awkwardness on more occasions than not. especially because I hate small talk and think it is the most useless thing on the planet.

-Just wants to be one of the cool kid bloggers. Who wants to adopt me?

-Can go from singing Carrie Underwood one second to rapping Nelly the next. I got skillz.

-Wants new boobs and to be a MILF in the worst way. And my husband loves me for that BTW.

-Always prefers bare feet outside no matter how many times someone tells me I'm going to step on something. I was born this way.

-Loves superheroes than most girls. It's unexplainable I know.

-Has no idea what the heck she's doing with being a wife but is loving learning along the way!

-Needs a tropical paradise. Now. Yesterday.

-Would love to meet new friends, but my introvert ways...I'll just respond to your comments.

-Had to keep rewriting "I'm the Kind of Girl Who.." to "I'm the Kinda Girl Who..." I clearly love grammar too much.

What kinda girl are you? Link up!


  1. I loved this! Love getting to know you better!!! PS: I can quote entired episodes of friends, and I my hudband loves my love of super heros! ♡ I think we need to be friends!

  2. Tiffany Mrsh HaywoodFebruary 19, 2014 at 7:23 PM

    I share your grammar love but I tried to abandon it for abit of a twist on this LinkUp...it killed me! :D

  3. I think we definitely are now! Especially with the superheroes. Plus, I can learn good MILF tips from you right ;)

  4. I know it has to happen but it was so crazy how much of myself was rejecting it haha thanks for coming by!

  5. Such a fun post! I watch Friends every night before bed no matter which episode it is! :)

  6. these types of links are ways to meet others and that's esp how i Love to meet other bloggers. thru links. I love learning different things about bloggers. following you now.


    p.s. I talk to my dog like he's gonna answer me back and that we'll have a great fabulous convo together. LOL

  7. My kids will know all about Friends. And they will think I'm the oldest, weirdest mom.

  8. THanks so much for following me! So glad to have you.

    When I lived alone, my cat was my constant conversationalist..lol

  9. A few months ago, there was a night they didn't run it on Nick @ nite. I almost lost it.

  10. its good that they just sit there and listen. and comfort you and give you love when you need it.



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