Embracing a Snow Day

Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's a snow day?

Like others, I am never given the fortune of hearing my phone ring with the great words of "Snow day today." I will be on the road later even thought every person on the east coast has advised it. Yea, makes sense I know. Do you detect my bitterness?

So I am asking pretty much everyone on the east coast to do me a favor. Enjoy your snow day. Do it for me.  And really, be very, very thankful you won't be in this miss that mother nature so kindly dumped on us.

1. Just enjoy the beauty. Inside or outside. And be thankful you won't be getting in a car anytime soon.

2. Have fun in it!

3. Have a shameless movie marathon. My choice would be superheroes.

4.Indulge in some crafting because you never have the time

5.Indulge in a nice adult beverage, write some genius blog posts and have a 30 second dance party to end it all.

Bonus: Pretend like you are in a topical paradise


  1. So much fun!! I'm missing our usual snowy winter. :(

  2. Trying so hard to embrace our snow days here in the Midwest! They're piling up too fast though!


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