So I Went to a Medium...

Monday, January 28, 2013

That's right. My sister and I took the plunge and went to see a medium last weekend. Yes, the kind that speaks to spirits that have passed on.

(Anyone remember this show? My mom loved it...coincidence...I think not)

We have been wanting to go to one for awhile since my Mom left us so abruptly and so young. (She appreciates me calling her young I know ;)) There is a a lot of questions and times I just wonder where she went, how she's doing and what she thinks of my life. Am I doing ok?

We were given the opportunity when I went for my hair trial and my hairdresser told us the name of one that she knew. She raved on and on about this 'Carol.' So I knew it was a sign and we had to take the plunge and go. 

Before we went, I was very skeptical of the whole idea of a medium. Not sure where they actually get their information from, maybe my hair lady called Carol with all the information she needed. Or maybe she would just throw out vague terms and I would be giving the information. But I was also nervous that maybe it would be very real and the things that would come out. Either way I was excited. It's something new and different that many people don't do. Go us!

The session started off off with basic instructions and how this was going to go. She would do a meditation and then get into our reading. She did prepare us that what she might bring out might not be exact but around. For instance, dates could be within 7 days before or after. And names might be similar. 

Right away she said my mom was through very strong and she started to name everyone she is with up in Heaven. My grandparents obviously and a family friend too. Carol even called her quite the social butterfly because she kept naming people. Mom still making friends with everyone.

Then it just went on from there. Carol brought through that I always hung on my mom, truth. I was as shy as shy could come when I was little. I hated talking to people and being without my mom when I was younger. 

She said my mom still has my back. Comforting. Mom was always the one behind every step of the way no matter what. It has been hard not having her there. 

Carol even said she saw birthday balloons, my birthday had just passed. Mom was wishing me a Happy Birthday. My very first birthday spent without my mom was the year she died. You always spend your birthdays with the people you love and your best friends and she was always my best friend so there was no one better. It's been a bittersweet day but every year it feels better. 

Then she went into discussing princess. What was it? Who was it? Um, Belle obsession. Or maybe the girl, girl, girls?

Highlights from the reading 
(everything was coming 'through'
 what my mom was 'saying')

*See Girl, Girl, Girl. (Babies) Score! Maybe not a Rufio in our future?
*Told me not to worry about money, it will be ok...lottery win in my future?
*Brian and I will have a very close knit family with us and our babies...did I mention girl, girl, girl?
*Telling me to let go of control..Trying so hard...
*Telling me I need to get the car looked at...I'm currently 2 months past my oil change...thanks Mom.

Part of me believes fully, but in my true nature, I am still a little skeptical about it. Some of it was vague and she was asking me questions that I gave the answers to. ( Are you worried about money? Um, who isn't this wonderful economy?)

But I feel at ease after going. Like my mom was talking to me...real or fake. It is what you make it I believe. It comforts me knowing my mom is still being her crazy, talkative self up there. And that she told me it was ok to let go of my guilt because she wasn't in pain anymore. It will never bring her back to these special moments she is missing but it definitely gives some comfort. 

Final verdict
 If you have lost someone close to you and you feel like you never got any closure or it was too quick, do it. Or if you carry around a burden is that person is ok, do it. I am sure glad we went.

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  1. What a neat experience... I think I'd be a bit scared, though!

    PS - I'm a Christa, too!


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