Halfway There!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Officially on day 4 of the 7 Day Diet, which basically means I'm halfway there! Another light at the end of this diet tunnel? A 4 day weekend!! Oh yeaaaaa. If you know my job you know how rare those are so I am extremely excited for this little bit of time off.

But back to this diet. I have surpassed the fruit day, the vegetable day and the fruit and vegetable day. And I will be completely honest here and say they were tough. (Even ask Brian how much he had to hear me complain ;) And rough. All I wanted was some bread and chicken. And a side of chocolate. 

Oh, and let me tell you what. If you don't like vegetables all that much, the first few days will be torture. Because the Wonder Soup, full of gross vegetables. And vegetable chunks. I got through it the first day and the second day I got smart and pureed my soup in the blender. I'm a texture person so it was really hard for me with tomato, celery, onion and pepper chunks. Ick Ick Ick. 

Everyone that has done this diet that I know, said the first 2 and 3 days were the hardest. I am hoping that means I can coast through the rest of this. Although, today, banana and milk day, makes me a little nervous. How can I survive a day on bananas and milk?

But I'll do it. 

And as for pounds? Down about 3 pounds so far. Not as far as I would like to be but maybe it will catch up in the next few days. I mean I am basically torturing myself here.

***Update: I am about half way through bananas and milk and let me just say, it is so easy! I love banana smoothies now. Couldn't wait to get home from work and make another!

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