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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For all you lookers and readers...I see you reading me up....and I love it bee tee dubs.

But wouldn't you LOVE to follow me? Well, lucky for you, there are 3 different way to stay up to date on all my awesome posts. 

1. GFC- (Google Friend Connect) If you have a GMail or Google account, you can join. No blog needed just click Follow. Easy, peasy. 

2. By Email-No matter your email, you can get an email update whenever I post something new. AKA. A must read delivered to your mailbox. Brilliant. 

3. Bloglovin'-Don't you want to give me some lovin'? Bloglovin' is a place for you to follow all your favorite blog when you don't utilize Blogger. All you need is an email! So not just mine but imagine all the other awesomeness you could be following along with in Blog land. 

Follow on Bloglovin

So there you have it folks. Ways for you to keep up to date on all my blog posts :)

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