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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I finished the 7 Day Diet!!
I am the most surprised that I am saying those words because let me tell you what, IT WAS TOUGH. When I started reading the paper and diet outline, I knew the vegetables were going to throw me for a loop. And did they ever. 

But I am happy to report I finished all 7 days and followed all 7 days instructions. Just had a minor slip up the first day, had a granola bar because when out doing errands I felt extremely lightheaded. And then a half a cookie on the 4th day...I was taunted at work and gave in. Only half though!

I lost a total of 9 pounds...wowza! Extremely impressed. But then I guess that's what happens when you basically eat nothing for 7 days. Ok, not nothing. Just nothing I love. Which made me for a cranky girl. Poor Brian.

What I have noticed:

1. I definitely do have more energy. Today, I was woken up a little before my alarm *ahem* but when I got up I didn't feel tired at all. I was ready and raring to go. Was out running errands by 11:00. A record for my days off when I usually sleep until 10.

2. When I was allowed to eat all my normal foods today, I actually didn't really crave any of them. I bought string cheese, some crackers, cheese and pepperoni to munch out on today. But I actually didn't eat them. I enjoyed my banana smoothie, fruit and a small sandwich.

3. Soda addiction is kicked. I am not craving it although I am thinking about it. I knew I just needed to quit cold turkey to get rid of it and i think I've done it. Good bye belly!

4. Rockin' the bod! Jeans are a little looser and less rolls when I sit. Definitely a positive.

After going through this though, I do have a few tips and suggestions. And possibly a heads up.

 1. Have the spices on hand to flavor up the soup. Add ingredients that aren't called for and take out if you want. I nixed the cabbage and added carrots to it. And after the first day, I pureed the soup. There was may too much onion for me to chew up in my soup.
I also made double the batch so I only had to make the soup once for the week. I then divided it up into my 7 days. Gave larger portions for the first 3 days because I knew I would need it and I did!

2. Day 1 will absolutely be hard. You are in serious cold turkey mode. Nothing except the fruits.  You will crave everything on the planet. Even stuff you never eat or want to eat. Cravings like a pregnant woman might have. I wanted sushi. And you know I don't like sushi.

3. Day 2 eating a potato for breakfast will actually be quite glorious. You will welcome the carbs with open arms! The rest of the day is all veggies. Salads, broccoli, carrots, peppers and the soup

4. Fruit and day it begins to get easier. I got used to the taste of the soup and eating very minimal. You can use a couple tricks to get you by...adding broccoli to your soup or more carrots. Just anything to fill you up. ***You might actually feel your body detoxing, I know I did. Certain pains and such

5. Day 4 will not be as hard as it sounds. Banana smoothies are my new favorite and they are delicious! So a smoothie for breakfast, banana and milk for snack, soup and banana for lunch, banana smoothie for snack, soup and banana for dinner and another smoothie at bedtime. Getting to this day was wonderful. From here it is downhill..wouldn't say easy but easier. I noticed this day that my pounds were dropping and it was a great motivator.

6. Hallelujah, hamburger!! Today, I did add fruit to my breakfast. There was no way I could go without breakfast the way I am always on my feet at my job. So a little cheat there but it beat me passing out on the floor at work. What I did for my tomatoes and meat was,

Cooked up my lean ground beef
added 3 chopped tomatoes
 basil, oregano and some other little spices.
Cooked it up real nice and that was my lunch and dinner.
Easy 6 tomatoes. Done.

7. Love me some beef. Such an easy day. Steak and ground beef is the way to go. Include some broccoli and carrots. With an occasional salad snack. Yum, yum.

8. Last day, the most satisfying. I was so happy that I made it to that day that there was no way I was slacking off. Used the brown rice steamer and added my soup to it. Some broccoli as well. Downed a couple of V8 fruit drinks and BAM! & day diet down the drain!!

9. The water amount you have to drink might sound like a lot but it really isn't. Just these 2 babies a day but trust me you will surpass that for sure

Will I do this again? It's a good possibility. I think the first time is really the hardest so the second time should be easier. You know what to expect and you have seen the end result.

So if you are thinking of doing the 7 day diet I really do recommend it. It is hard but at the end you will be motivated to eat better because of how awesome you feel and look. Your whole body is detoxed from all the junk you have been eating.  What are you waiting for?

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