Birthday, Birthday

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Much happy birthday love for one of my best friends, Kristen!

This gal might have moved away from me across the be with her hubby. So I guess I can forgive her but  maybe not so much for my insane jealousy for being able to live in Cali.

Even from coast to coast our friendship still remains strong as ever. I know whenever I call her I can give her all my life updates and it's pretty certain she's having the same or already been through it. Truly lucky to have her as one of my best gals and bridesmaids :)

We also have grand plans to be millionaires one day. And we will do it by coming up with some silly As Seen on TV contraption. Mark my words, you will see it. 

So happy birthday my love!! Miss you so!

And also a birthday shout out to the pops...Happy Birthday Dad!

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