Lisa Frank, Slap Bracelets and Tamagachi's!

Friday, January 25, 2013

If you were a child of the 90's and have seen the latest commercial from Microsoft for Internet Explorer (hint, hint, that one above..) certainly took a trip down memory lane and entered into nostalgia. 

It will bring you back to the time when you were worried about what Lisa Frank folder you would have at school, if your slap bracelet would get taken away in class and having extra computer time to play Amazon Trail.

You traded pogs during your lunch break with the guy you had a crush on, wore wallets on chains because there was probably nothing important in that wallet anyway and couldn't wait to get home to watch Saved by the Bell. 

Our listening pleasure was N'Sync, Boyz to Men, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Spice World movie absolutely included. And we listened to them on our cool Walkmans and cassette tapes. 

The young girls goggled over Leo DeCaprio, Justin Timberlake and Johnathan Taylor Thomas. The boys, well I;m not really sure. But I'm pretty sure Power Rangers was at the top.

And you had to make sure you didn't kill your electronic pet, the Tamagatchi. Lunch breaks, rides home from school, bathroom breaks and it was necessary to take care of your pet properly. But sadly, all the pets soon died. Never was know if it was from the kids or the parents throwing them out the window.

Nostalgia at it's best. Pretend like you don't want Lisa Frank back. - Hello, 90s? Listen, I swear I'll trade you my facebook account and smart phone for two hours of TGIF and one sip of Crystal Pepsi.

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