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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear 4 Day Weekend- You were just what I needed. Much needed relaxation and time away from work. recharge my batteries. Can't wait for another one in a month!

Dear 7 Day Diet- Thank you for kicking my butt back in to gear. Literally. It's looking quite good. It was a love/hate relationship for a week but the end results were worth it. I feel much better and healthier! Will see you again before the wedding I'm sure.

Dear wrist-WTF. You hurt like a mother and I am not quite sure why. Please cease and desist.

Dear Lance Armstrong- Your story isn't even top stories on People. (which is what I judge my life on) I think the first clue for everyone was when you were stripped of your titles for doping. So now it's just like well, duh.

Dear wedding- You are coming. And fast. I seem to have everything organized and under control. Please don't throw anything at me last minute. Much appreciated.

Dear hair- Get it together. What is up with this breakage?! I have never had this problem in my life and you decide to give me issues 5 months from my wedding? Not cool. Not cool. Please hold out until June 17th. I promise I will give you a fresh new look :)

Dear iPhone- DO I want you? Do I not want you? I am so torn. You are the older model but it's not a Blackberry. I am just confused and hate making these serious life decisions.

Dear Brian-Thanks for listening to me complain about my diet and hunger the last week. And for the lack of dinners. But at least you have gotten sushi! And of course I love our weekly dance parties. Even if my legs are killing this morning. Love you so.

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  1. You are the second blogger who wrote a letter to the four day weekend!?!? I'm really missing out here. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

    Silver @ A Silver Snapshot


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