My Christmas List: Show & Tell Monday

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Linking up on this fun Monday with Becky for Show and tell Monday. And I get to show you the 4 things on my Christmas list this year!

So my Christmas list. It's really not legit. Let me explain. I have always been a simple gal. Not really wanting much and it was always hard to answer the question of what I wanted for Christmas. 

Well, except for when I was a little girl. Going through that toy book it WAS NOT hard to find something that I could put on that list for Santa.

But this year? Honestly, all I actually want is anything that could help with the wedding or wedding planning. But if a gal can dream....this is what I would want in my wildest dreams.

1. A New TV that is bigger than the teeny 25 in. we have in our living room. Yes, it's sad. Yes, our friends always comment on just how small it is. We get it. We struggle to see it sometimes too.

2. If you haven't noticed from my tweets or my obsession with my iPod Touch...I really want an iPhone. I am so over being in the world of the Blackberry. It's been ok to me but it is more than enough time to move on.

3. Yes, folks. I want a Kinect. I look at the Xbox sitting in my living room everyday and I would like to enjoy it as much as Brian does. I want to dance like a fool on those commercials. And I also want the Zumba to go along with it. Get in wedding shape the fun way.

4. How old am I? A baker's rack is indeed on Christmas list. Or any rack or anything that I can organize with. Because anyone that has been to our apartment can absolutely agree with this. I stink at organizing and need as many things as I can get to help out with it.

Well, that's my good ole' Christmas list for the year that I don't expect anything from. We are on a budget, people. But if Santa could just answer might be the biggest one on the list ;)

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