It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Everywhere we this apartment..! (Done in my best Christmas singing voice)

Time for me to show off my best Christmas decor. Last year I had a new place to decorate and it was so exciting and now again this year I get to find new things. Love me some creative decorating. Forget shoes, I have a serious decoration buying habit.

But in all fairness I do score some pretty great deals. I am still transitioning from old decorations to new ones. So please bear with me if I haven't quite caught up with the domesticated Christmas decorating.

Welcome to our home!

Picked up those cute over sized ornaments at a local farm. They have a huge set up for Christmas and let's just say I could have spent a lottttt of money there had Brian not dragged me out.

Please do come inside!

Check out that cute kitty!
Have some garland strung up the banister and a nice remember of how long until Santa comes...can't wait!!

Double the stockings...Double the fun!

There weren't too many options for our large stockings this year. Last year I was spoiled with my fireplace, but this year it was a challenge. So they ended up on the stand as you come up our stairs into the living room. Cut down from my 5 to 2. And yes, my cat's stocking is larger than ours. Because let's be serious....Santa only comes for her ;)

Our 'First' Tree for Our First Christmas 'Together'!
This year it was a little different decorating the tree. First, I actually had someone helping me! Truly wonderful. And second, because I was trying to make it 'our' tree and not just my tree anymore. I have snowflakes and some Christmas balls. Added the 'K' and 'B' to the tree. Then there is of course, our engagement ornament, a Brian ornament, and a few Lily ornaments. And yes not a one Krista...apparently my name is very hard to find in ornaments ;)
Wall behind the couch
Includes my Mickey Christmas snow globes :)

For Fall I had a nice fall wreath sitting in place of the bow, but I just didn't have a cute Christmas wreath equivalent. So up went the bow. Not in love, but not too bad.

A little TV decoration
Large jar has my grandma and mom's old ornaments. And of course another snow globe :) Added some red, green and gold bells from Michaels to the other candy dish. Got them half off! 

So glad I got to SHOW you my Christmas decor! Stop by From Mrs. to Mama...the cutest momma you will ever see and link up! 

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